Our group is working on searches for new physics using Higgs boson signatures,

with the aim to shed light on the big unsolved mysteries at the interface of particle physics and cosmology:

the generation of the matter-antimatter asymmetry and the dark sector.

The group is funded by the German Research Foundation.




HIPARCOS Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group

The Higgs boson as a bridge between Particle Physics and Cosmology

Dr Spyros Argyropoulos

Principal Investigator

Dr Tetiana Moskalets

Postdoctoral Researcher

Roman Küsters

Doctoral Researcher


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Ilia Kalaitzidou

Doctoral Researcher

- 23/3/2022: Roman Küsters and Ilia Kalaitzidou have presented the results of their analyses in the meeting of the German Physical Society.

- 14/3/2022: Tetiana Moskalets has presented a talk on top quark properties at the Moriond conference [link]

- 28/2/2022: New article on the benchmarking of searches for light pseudoscalar mediators in collaboration with Dr. Ulrich Haisch [2202.12631]

- 22/2/2022: Tetiana Moskalets has been appointed analysis contact for the A→ZH search

- 18/2/2022: Spyros Argyropoulos has been appointed convener of the ATLAS Combined Dark Matter subgroup.

- 25/12/2021: Summary plots for the 2HDM+a model have been released for the 2022 LP conference

- 18/11/2021: Tetiana Moskalets has been appointed Physics Modelling Group contact of the Higgs & Diboson Searches group. Congratulations for this recognition!

- 29/9/2021: The review on "Collider Searches for Dark Matter through the Higgs lens" in collaboration with Dr. Oleg Brandt and Dr. Ulrich Haisch has been posted on arXiv [2109.13597]

- 28/9/2021: Roman Küsters presented a poster with preliminary results from the A→ZH→lltt search at the GRK workshop in Freiburg

- 31/8/2021: The preprint from the search for Dark Matter in association with a SM Higgs boson [2] has been posted on arXiv [2108.13391]

- 26/7/2021: Results from the combination of dark matter searches [C2] presented at the EPS conference [link]

- 25/3/2021: Results from our work on the search for Dark Matter in association with a SM Higgs boson [C1] have been released and presented at the Moriond conference [link]

- 15/3/2021: Both PhD positions have now been filled. We are happy to welcome Roman Küsters and Ilia Kalaitzidou to the group!