Most people commute to work by bike.

For the University collaborators who want to use the public transport (buses, trams) there is a discount ticket "JobTicket BW" that costs about EUR 28 per month. See details on VAG website.


There are 3 main options for looking for accomodation:

* data-base of University of Freiburg (probably the best and easiest option)

* putting an advert in a newspaper like Zypresse (usually works better than searching online)

* online sites such as immoscout (the offer there might be limited and landlords/site usually require bank statement "Schufa")

Welcome center @ University of Freiburg

The university has a Welcome Centre, which helps international collaborators and their family members settle in the city. For more details have a look here.

Administrative procedures

Upon arrival you will need to

* register at the city call at Stühlinger (obtain the Meldebestätigung)

* get your tax ID (Steuer ID - can also be requested during registration at the city hall)

* open a bank account in a german bank (necessary for receiving salary)

* complete the paperwork for the university (sign contract etc) - check with Mrs Skorek

Freiburg city centre


Our group meetings are organised as follows:

     * weekly short meetings with short status reports (10 min) from all group members

     * question of the week (5 min exposé on a topic of the choice of the presenter)

     * journal club (20-30 min discussion) on a topic of common interest / imporant papers

The meetings take place on Wednesdays at 09:00 AM in the multimedia room in Westbau 1st floor.

A list of all our group meetings can be found here.


Topics for Journal Club:

     * Higgs measurements & electroweak fits

     * Electroweak baryogenesis

     * Dark Matter searches at the LHC and other experiments

     * Cosmology/Dark Energy

     * Monte-Carlo event generation

     * Likelihood fits

     * Analysis/reconstruction techniques in collider experiments



     * Tuesday @ 11:00  -  Jakobs group meeting    

     * Wednesday  @ 09:00  -  HIPARCOS group meeting (list of previous meetings here)

     * Wednesday @ 16:15  -  GRK seminar


    * Tuesday      @ 14.00  -  ATLAS weekly

    * Tuesday      @ 17.30  -  AZH analysis meeting (list of previous meetings here)

    * Thursday     @ 09:00/14:30 - CDM subgroup meeting


HIPARCOS Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group

The Higgs boson as a bridge between Particle Physics and Cosmology


     * MENSA - requires university card

     * OFD (Sautierstr. 24a) - requires special card which can be obtained and loaded on site



Below you can find information for:

     * resources available at the University of Freiburg (libraries, canteens etc)

     * living in Freiburg (accomodation, administrative procedures etc)

     * workshops on skill development

     * setting up computing accounts (Freiburg, NAF, CERN)

     * group meetings

     * journal club

     * travel/vacation forms

     * training resources

University Library


The forms have to be obtained from the website of the Jakobs group. For travels, the following information should be provided

     * Kostenstelle: 1070200311

     * Fonds: 3150

     * Projektnummer: 2100341101

Three computing accounts are required for our work:

     * University computing account (used for access to university websites, teaching platform etc)

     * CERN account (used for access to lxplus, CERN pages, gitlab etc)

     * NAF account (nation-wide batch farm)

Below you can find instructions for setting up these accounts.

University of Freiburg computing account

To register for a university account follow the instructions here

CERN registration & computing account

1) CERN & ATLAS registration (detailed instructions on this page)

     1.1) Fill in the Home Institute Declaration, which has to be signed by the university administration

     1.2) Complete the ATLAS registration form and have it signed by team leader

2) For joining ATLAS virtual organisation and obtaining grid certificate follow the instructions here

In order to test that your computing account works try to connect to lxplus with


setupATLAS ; lsetup rucio

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas

NAF computing account

To register for a NAF account follow the instructions here. Note that a grid certificate needs to be imported into your browser in order to access the registration form.

Accessing NAF from outside the university can be slow, so using FastX2 is recommended.



The university offers an array of opportunities for further development of technical or soft skills.

PhD candidates in our group are incorporated in the Research Training Group GRK 2044 of the university of Freiburg, which offers a continuous learning platform for PhD candidates in the areas of experimental and theoretical particle and astroparticle physics. The GRK organises the following seminars/workshops:

       - weekly seminars

       - special lectures (data analysis software, detectors etc, by leading experts in the field)

       - yearly RTG fall workshops (3-day workshops with invited speakers and presentations

         from the schools' PhD candidates)

Every semesters the university also organises 1-2 day seminars on soft-skills development (scientific publishing and presentations, communication, management, career planning etc). You can find below links to the courses offered:

      - for Postdocs here

       - for PhD students here